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Meet Apollo… He’s not Greek

Here's Chloe's new horse, Apollo, a Dutch Warmblood.  He's a 7 year-old gelding and was imported from the Netherlands in June.  We picked him up this past Thursday from the seller's farm in Loxahatchee.  He's a bred and trained dressage horse.  Chloe is ecstatic, obviously.

Chloe had gone about as far as she could with her quarter horse, Shela.  A quarter horse is perhaps not the best choice for dressage, but obviously Shela was a starter horse for Chloe, and we knew that eventually she would need to move up to a warmblood.  This is a big step up for her, but she worked hard, was dedicated, and certainly earned her way up to this horse.

At 16.2 hands, Apollo towers over Chloe.

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  1. Pat, This is Steve and I must say Chloe is a twin to Olivia. She is a beautiful girl. mail me.

  2. Pat any new pictures?? Would love to see more:) Send them to my mail/

  3. THANKS !

  4. I see I left you a e-mail address that is messed up . Give it a try !

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